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The Diocese of Davenport Catholic schools welcomes you to our website. We invite you to explore our site, as well as visit our schools to witness the difference a Catholic school can make.

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Reasons for Choosing Catholic Education

  • Faith Based

  • Safe, Nurturing Environment

  • Expceptional Teachers

  • Students Serve the Community

  • Innovative

  • Parental Involvement

Our Mission Statement

The Diocese of Davenport will foster the faith formation and spiritual growth of all persons based on standards of academic excellence which are rooted in Gospel values and Catholic Church teachings and celebrations so that faith becomes living, conscious, and active.



  • All faith formation opportunities (parish, school, family) exist to teach and live the Gospel message of Jesus Christ

  • Parents are the primary educators, and the parish and school are partners with parents in the faith formation and spiritual development of their children/adolescents

  • Each person, regardless of race, cultural heritage, age or sex, will be provided with a warm, caring environment which fosters self-esteem, and helps to develop talents, skills and interests according to individual learning abilities

  • The content of all faith formation opportunities within the diocese shall follow the curriculum guidelines set forth by the Diocese of Davenport, the Documents of Vatican II, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church

  • All individuals appreciating the value of human dignity for themselves and others come together in liturgical celebration, and are called forth to establish a peace-filled, just, global society

About Catholic Schools

There are 17 preschools, 13 elementary schools and 5 junior senior high schools in the Diocese of Davenport. Students of our schools focus on educating the body, mind and soul. Students learns about their Catholic faith, how to live it by serving God and others in need, and receive top academic training in a safe, nurturing environment.

Our Communities:

Everywhere you turn in Eastern Iowa you'll find green space and nature. Though many think of Iowa as being miles of corn fields, the terrain of Eastern Iowa is anything but flat. Wooded bluffs, scenic overlooks and rolling hills around in our river valley area. Miles of Mississippi River offer opportunities for boating, sailing, water-skiing and fishing from river beaches of riverside parks. Bicycle, walking and jogging trails allow residents to enjoy natural beauty. You may see a bald eagle in flight, or watch a riverboat making its way along the river.


Bettendorf Burlington
Clinton Davenport
DeWitt Ft. Madison
Iowa City Keokuk
Muscatine Ottumwa


School Job Openings:

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Safe Environment Program:


When being hired or volunteering in one of our schools/parishes the Diocese of Davenport requires you to complete our Safe Envirnoment Program and be in our parish/school for minimum of 6 months. This is required of all employees in our diocese and volunteers working with children more than 4 times a year unless you are working with DHS preschool. This requirement includese registering with, completing a Protecting God's Children training video, background check, and possible monthly bulletins sent to your email address.


If you have any questions about the Safe Environment requirements please contact your local administrator at the school or Virginia Trujillo at or 563-888-4230.


How to Register for the Safe Environment Training




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