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Welcome to the Official Website for the Office of Social Action of the Diocese of Davenport.

Mission Statement

To support communities of faith in our Diocese in acting upon Catholic Social Teaching Principles.


History of the Two Feet of Social Justice.

Two FeetThe Two Feet of Social Justice logo was the inspiration of Msgr. Marvin Mottet, the first director of  the Social Action Department in the Diocese of Davenport.


Credit: Social Action Department, Diocese of Davenport,780 W. Central Park Ave, Iowa, 52804-1901, 563-324-1911,  Concept developed by Rev Marvin A Mottet.

Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching

Social Action Department Brochure (PDF March 2015)

Social Action Newsletter


CRS Rice Bowl Collection

Thank you for using CRS Rice Bowl in your parish this Lent!. The prayers and devotions that your community has offered through this program are bringing new life to our poorest and most vulnerable brothers and sisters in our own communities and around the world. 

Please submit your Rice Bowl collections promptly to:

Diocese of Davenport
Finance Department
780 West Central Park Ave
Davenport, IA 52804-1901

  Please clearly marked that they are CRS Rice Bowl contributions. 

We are now accepting grant applications for the local share of the CRS Rice Bowl and CCHD Collection

Grant deadline is May 31st 

Grant Criteria




We recently sat down with young adults we work with here in the Social Action Office. We posed to them the question, How has God Called You? We find their answers inspiring! Their understanding of Catholic Social Teaching and being true to one’s calling may be informative for people of all ages, youth, young adults and for us who have been involved in social ministry for many years. We look forward to hearing comments on the project and ways you intend to share the video, and any subsequent feedback from your audiences. Peace and all good! Kent Ferris, OFS