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As of July 1, 2010, the Diocese of Davenport reestablished a local Catholic Charities office. 

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Services provided:

  • Disaster Preparation and Responses: Assist parishes in disaster planning and work with county or community disaster recovery organization in time of disaster to facilitate recovery.

  • Immigration Services: Provides assistance in navigating the immigration process to families and outreach to communities for immigration information and assistance.

  • Jail/Prison Ministry The Jail / Prison Ministry allows parishioner's to volunteer in local correctional facilities by bringing the message and love of God to inmates.

    Catholic Charities also supports the works of volunteers committed to Restorative Justice. As an example, volunteers, mentors and members of Circles of Support are actively involved in "walking with" returning citizens upon their release from prison and while they participate in Drug Court, an alternative to incarceration.

  • Parish Health Ministry: Health ministry at the parish level is a compassionate ministry focused on the whole person in the various stages of life from conception to death.  In caring for the spiritual well being of a person, we also address their physical well-being.  Health ministry has a role for everyone at a parish, not just health professionals.

Catholic Charities is a compliment to the rich tradition of social justice that continues within the diocese.

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Articles in the Catholic Messenger:



Responding to the call to holistic health in parishes
Catholic Messenger, April 10, 2014

Throughout Scripture God calls people of faith to healing, and Catholics in the Diocese of Davenport are among those responding to God’s call today. Five members of St. John Vianney Parish in Bettendorf and three members of St. Mary Parish in Fairfield joined four other individuals to form the 2014 Genesis Foundation in Faith Community Nursing Class in Dav­enport. The 35-hour course, conducted over several days, prepares registered nurses and/or health ministers to develop or participate in the healing ministry of a faith community. Participants completed the program March 22 with a dedication ceremony they designed and at which they were anointed by retired physician and volunteer chaplain Erling Larson III. Read more...

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On June 22 the Office of the Diaconate and the Office of Social Action sponsored a Summer Study Day for deacons, deacon aspirants and deacon candidates and their wives.

Restorative Justice – “a system of criminal justice that focuses on the rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with victims and the community at large.” Oxford Dictionary 

The study day was an exploration of the working relationship of criminal justice system and community and faith based organizations in restoring those affected by crime back to society.  The purpose of this day was: to inform the diaconate community and others who are interested about this ministry and to provide training in the restorative justice mentoring program and Circles of Faith.  Presenters



"To serve, not be served:’ ADA supports ministry of diocesan staff (Sep. 2013) For many Diocese of Davenport staffers, furthering the Catholic Church’s ministries in southeast Iowa isn’t just a job. It’s a blessing that allows employees to help fulfill the spiritual and practical needs of their brothers and sisters in Christ. But whether they’re overseeing faith formation, pursuing social justice or nurturing religious vocations, diocesan staffers need financial support from the Annual Diocesan Appeal (ADA) to sustain their ministry. More...
Church can support people with mental illness (Oct. 2013) Aaron Kheriaty once had a patient who had recovered from both breast cancer and depression.  Because the negative reactions toward the mental illness were so strong, the woman later told her therapist that if she had to go through one of the two again she would prefer cancer.  More...

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Health Ministers reflect on faith (Oct. 2013) BETTENDORF — Nurses and other health ministers recently had an opportunity to reflect on how their Catholic faith meshes with the parish nurse and trained health minister program and the resources available to them.

The reflecting took place Sept. 29 at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Bettendorf, where nine parish nurses and trained health ministers in the Diocese of Davenport had gathered to participate in a program titled “Understanding Your Catholic Faith.” IlaMae Hanisch, diocesan coordinator of Ministry Formation and of Adult Family Formation, led the program.  More...

New grads hope to enhance health of their parishes (May. 2013)


Catholics from several parishes in the Davenport Diocese are among 17 graduates of the Genesis Health Ministry Program intended to help parishes to better minister to body and soul of their parishioners.  The 17 were anointed and commissioned as health ministers by Dr. Erling Larson III on April 27 at Genesis Health System-East Campus, Davenport.  More...

Event will educate health ministries (Aug. 2013) Parish nurses and trained health ministers who serve in Catholic parishes in the Diocese of Davenport are invited to a new ministry gathering next month in Bettendorf.
The first parish nurse/health minister gathering will be held Sept. 29 from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Bettendorf.  More...

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Articles in the Catholic Messenger -2010-2012


Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Davenport History
Annual Report, 2010

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