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2013-2014 Respect Life

Open your hearts to life

As Catholics, respect for life from conception to natural death, together with the respect for human person  Which derives from the fact we are all created in the image of God, is foundational.  They are the basis of the all Catholic Social Teaching.  The respect for life and the dignity of the human person, both gifts which derive from God, is the underlying principle for all Catholic Social Teaching.



Respect Life Sunday, the first Sunday in October, is the beginning of the annual respect life moth.  The office provides a USCCB Respect Life promotional package to each parish's Respect Life Coordinator, and provides monthly intercessions for life in both English and Spanish.

There are many opportunities for parishes and individuals to promote respect for life and the dignity of the human person. 

For information contact:

Jeanne Wonio
Respect Life/Pro-Life Coordinator
 Esmeralda Guerrero
Administrative Assistant
To order your Respect Life Packet.


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2013 Bishops Martin Amos Respect Life Letter Below

 Respecting the gift of human life

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

October is Respect Life Month.  The Church calls for special attention and reflection on this year’s theme—Open Your Hearts to Life!—which has been a favorite theme of Pope Francis and one that has particular urgency today as the “culture of death” is gaining an ever wider foothold. More at the Catholic Messenger...

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Upcoming Events.   

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Links to more information:

HHS Mandate

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  USCCB Respect Life Program

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As followers of the crucified Christ, victim of state supported death penalty, we pray for an end to the death penalty.  Iowa is one of a growing number of states that does not have a death penalty.  The links below lead to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishop's Campaign to End the Death Penalty and provide a wealth of information and action ideas. 

USCCB Join the Catholic Campaign to End the use of the Death Penalty and learn what you can do to protect the dignity of life.

The Catholic Mobilizing Network to End the Use of Death Penalty

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